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Can I clean my Air Ducts myself?

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You may have noticed some dust and debris floating within your home and thought to yourself, “I can clean this myself.” When you find the source is your Air Ducts, you begin taking your register covers off and wiping the insides of you ducts as far as you can reach.

When that doesn’t work, you grab the longest vacuum attachment you own and try vacuuming out all of your ducts the best you can. You feel pretty good about your “accomplishment” for a short while, that is, until your heat kicks back on and proceeds to blow “dust” everywhere.

This “dust” is made up of dust mites/dust mite feces, mold spores, mildew, asbestos, led, pollen, insect & rodent feces, pet dander, decaying matter, and many different forms of bacteria. This is not even the entirety of indoor air pollutants.

The short answer to your question is, NO!

Even if your vacuum did reach every inch of your Air Duct System, it wouldn’t have the power to clean everything. A professional negative air machine has about 50x the power of an average household vacuum trapping 99.9% of the aforementioned contaminants.

On top of that powerful negative air machine, a professional Air Duct Cleaning company uses a high powered, air charged, eight-arm whip. The whip dislodges any stubborn, stuck-on debris, ensuring an extremely clean Air Duct System.

Another reason this is not a Do-it-Yourself project is because professionals will cut two, 12 inch holes into your main (supply & return), where they attach the 12 inch hose from the negative air machine. So what have we learned today? Leave Air Duct Cleaning to the professionals.

Quick Tip…Be on the lookout for Air Duct Cleaning scams!!

A typical Air Duct Cleaning job should take approximately 3-6 hours and should start at around $500. So do your research before calling the first ad you see with a “really good deal.” Odds are they’re just trying to get their foot in the door and leave you with a really high bill.

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